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To help you further understand the benefits of our systems, S & S Cash Register, Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska, has compiled a list of FAQs. If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to reach out to us.

Is It Really Worth the Expense to Control Liquor?
Yes. Controlling portions makes for better and more consistent drinks. Better drinks equal happier customers. This is also the best way to increase profits and limit costs. The national average loss per bottle is 6 oz. due to give away and over-pouring.

Won't a Dispensing System Slow Down Service?
The natural pouring motion used to dispense liquor with our system is just as fast and much more precise. There is no shot glass approximation when using our devices.

How Dependable Are They Really?
The basic technology behind our systems has been widely used since the seventies. They have dispensed in the millions of liters.

How Will My Staff React?
Being made accountable will only bother those who might be taking advantage of the free pour.

How Much Am I Really Losing?
According to the National Restaurant Association (United States), bar owners lose on average 23 percent of revenue on alcoholic beverage sales.

This Seems Time Consuming, How Hard Is It to Account For?
The units can be tied to a printer, a cash register, or to POS systems. The reporting process is not only quick, but it is also simple. Reporting can be preprogrammed to print reports without you being there, in dollar amounts or shots poured.

How Hard Are They to Install & Program?
These units can be preprogrammed prior to installation on-site. Setup is limited to capping the bottles, and the unit is ''plug and play''.

What About Training?
Training is simple because they're all things your staff should already be doing. There's nothing new and nothing fancy here.